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Who We Are

Automotive Compliance Consultants Inc., founded in 2003, is the largest and most established strictly automotive compliance consulting group in the United States. Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge in the retail automotive industry. We specialize in compliance with Gramm-Leach-Bliley, EEO, PATRIOT Act, HR, OSHA, EPA, Red Flag, F&I Compliance and a host of other laws and regulations.

What is the Value of Working with ACC?

At ACC, Inc., our business is to help you attain compliance with all federal laws, and avoid penalties, fines and civil actions associated with non compliance. Lack of time, knowledge, or understanding of the numberous laws can impact your dealership dramatically through excessive fines or civil liability. ACC is the solution to address ALL of your compliance needs. Our business is exclusively dedicated to protecting the automotive industy and our founders are experts in all aspects of your business. We use our proven WICS (Walk-thru, Inspect, Compliance, Security) audit system to ensure compliance with GLB, TSR, F&I, Red Flag, OSHA, HR, EEO and the PATRIOT Act. WICS is a three phase program that we use in all of our processes to discover the areas of vulnerabilities that exist in all organizations. The automotive industry is changing products dramatically and will become even more heavily regulated in the future. The biggest value ACC offers is the ability for you to concentrate on your business rather than worring about being compliant with all the regulations that exist today.